Smiles @ Miles

Republic & Independence Day

Miles pays homage to the country by celebrating the two most important events in the history of India.

Annual Picnic

Time to bond beyond working hours. Relax, Rejoice and engage amongst each other completely out of office.

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali at Miles is always celebrated with a lot of exuberance with a lot of activities such as quiz competitions, bay decoration, etc.

Fun at Work

At Miles, fun at work continues every month. Caricature artists, gift exchange between employees, tattoo artists and much more.

Founders Day & Town-hall

Miles provides a common platform for of its employees to interact with the Management, get business updates & be rewarded for their work.

Birthday Bash

At Miles, the last Friday of every month is celebration time. All those whose birthday’s fall in that month are congratulated during this time followed by games.